MIA Food Lab for the Austrian town Groß-Enzersdorf

by | Nov 29, 2022

Urban Living Lab News: MIA Food-Lab

MIA is happy to inform about the urban living lab project MIA Food Lab.

The pilot project engages with the topic of food resilience and in the town Groß-Enzerdorf in close proximity to Vienna. The municipality is well known for its high-quality vegetable production.

The central topics of the MIA Food Lab are raising awareness for food production. The goals are to identify potentials for a resilient future spatial outlook where production, biodiversity and social sustainability are key factors for citizens welfare and prosperity. In co-creative workshops the young generation will develop possible future scenarios for this highly productive Austrian town.

The MIA Food-Lab is one of three MIA Living Lab formats. These labs rely on a methodological framework to guide the process and ensure high valued and responsible outcomes. The project is funded by the Vienna Business Agency.

Weitere Projektbeteiligte:


Gefördert durch die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. Ein Fonds der Stadt Wien.

Projekt Partner:in

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Projektpartner:in Stadtgemeinde Groß-Enzersdorf.