We are working on the following challenges:

Climate Adaption

Cities are getting hotter, populations are aging, resulting in increased vulnerability of society. There is urgent demand to implement measurement for spatial improvement to meet climate adaption goals and policies.


Sustainable mobility concepts are key to overcome the climate crisis. We enjoy working on concepts for the future-oriented development of our mobility.

Spatial Justice

Social inequalities result in gentrification and segregation. The climate crisis reinforces negative impacts on space resulting in spatial inequalities. We actively contribute to the reduction of these inequalities.


Circular economy is dedicated to keep materials as long as possible in life cycle New pathways with circularity measurements play a key role for sustainable spatial developments.


Urban Retrofitting

“Retrofit” means to upgrade, improve and redesign aged structures to gain future-proof materials while keeping them in life cycle. In urbanism this means to renew & retrofit neighborhoods while maintaining and strengthening existing urban and social structures.

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